8 Energy & Money Saving Tips for Spring

8 Energy & Money Saving Tips for Spring

Even if you deny it, we know that among your major concerns in the summer is high energy bill. Good thing, we have a bag full of tips to share to you about energy and money saving. You need to get these things done as early as the spring season to secure your goal when the heat wave arrives.

Get your unit serviced

A small expense on annual maintenance can go a long way in attaining your money-saving objective. Have your air conditioner system serviced and inspected in the spring to ensure that every component is in tip-top shape. If they’re not, more energy will be consumed in their operation and you might be faced with expensive repairs in the future, too.

Set the thermostat higher

You don’t really have to fully depend on your cooling system for comfort. To save some cash, raise the setting by few degrees and do some major adjustments in your lifestyle. You may also take advantage of the benefits of a smart thermostat in both comfort and energy-saving.

Let the sunlight in

Don’t deprive your home of the natural light from the sun after the long winter months. While you’re at it, turn off the lights, adjust the thermostat setting and let the natural light and heat be distributed in your space.

Use ceiling fans

If you are looking for an economical way to cool your home, look no further than the ceiling fan. Raise your thermostat as much as 4 degrees and turn the ceiling fans on. You’ll be impressed with the comfortable atmosphere that you’ll still feel, but with lower energy usage from your air conditioner.

Cover your windows

Severe summer weather can increase your energy bill big time. But, you can reduce your expenses by covering your windows using efficient treatments such as shades and blinds. These helpful kits reduce heat gain, thus reducing your energy cost.

Seal the ducts

The ducts are crucial components of your HVAC system. If they are filled with holes and cracks, the cool air that your unit produces does not fully reach your home which means energy wastage. Prevent these wasteful leaks by sealing your ducts this spring season.

Allow fresh air in

When the weather permits, renew your indoor air by opening your windows. This will create a cross-breeze that lowers the temperature in your home even when the A/C is turned off.

Improve your insulation

Insulations in your windows and doors might have worn out already after the long cold months. During your spring maintenance check, be sure to improve or repair your insulation to keep conditioned air inside your home.

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