There’s more to home cooling than just buying and installing a new air conditioning system. Preventive maintenance is also needed to maintain effective comfort in your home during the summer. Whether you’re a homeowner who always stays on top of your A/C maintenance tasks or the one who often ignores it, then this post is for you.

Here’s the checklist of do’s and don’ts of air conditioning maintenance:

Do’s of Air Conditioning Maintenance

  • Do clear out the blockages and debris around the outdoor unit. Remove weak branches, trim the grasses or leaves, and maintain at least three feet clearance around it. Clearing the yard will help your cooling system run efficiently.
  • Do check and calibrate your thermostat to achieve optimum comfort in your home. If you are using a programmable thermostat, then you can set or schedule it according to your daily routine to curb your energy consumption daily.
  • Do change your air filter regularly to stop the allergens and airborne contaminants from entering and circulating inside your home. Talk to a certified A/C contractor to understand more about proper air filter maintenance.
  • Do get professional maintenance from an HVAC company with extensive experience and knowledge in the industry to tackle all your issues.
  • Do sign up for annual air conditioning maintenance that is right for your needs and budget. Talk to your HVAC contractor to know more about your cooling options or discuss your comfort needs.

Don’ts of Your Air Conditioning Maintenance

  • Don’t let your thermostat run out of batteries (if it is battery-operated).
  • Don’t restore your refrigerant lines, electrical lines, and other connections in your unit. These parts are highly dangerous and can cause major damage when fixed improperly.
  • Don’t attempt to do the repair, installation, or maintenance of your air conditioning. Opting for DIYs can’t assure the best results, especially if you don’t have the tools, knowledge, and experience.
  • Don’t leave all your cooling needs to your air conditioning system alone. You can use your ceiling fans during the mild weather conditions. Running your A/C 24/7 can be expensive and stressful for your unit.
  • Don’t let your inside filter get dirty.
  • Don’t skip your annual maintenance and inspection. Missing these tasks might result in inefficient operation and unpreventable breakdown in the future.

Looking For Expert A/C Maintenance in NYC?

Regular maintenance for your air conditioning system plays an essential role in its efficiency and performance, as well as your comfort and savings. Follow the checklist we’ve provided to enjoy a trouble-free and efficient summer.

If you want to learn more about A/C maintenance or you need professional air conditioning services in NYC, contact us at Iceberg Mechanical Corp.