Industry-Certified Ductless Air Conditioners for Guaranteed Comfort

Ductless Air Conditioners

Ductless air conditioners/Ductless HVAC systems often referred to as mini-split systems, can be a great solution to upgrade your cooling and even heating needs. They provide consistent room comfort in an efficient manner. These split unit systems can reduce a lot of the construction that inherently is required to install central air systems that are not always installation-friendly in existing building structures with various limitations to where ductwork can be practically installed.

Ductless A/C Installation

Iceberg Aircon Ductless InstallationAt Iceberg Mechanical Corp, we install these systems all the time throughout Brooklyn and NYC homes, buildings, and offices a-like. We find them to be a great fit in many instances. There are a variety of benefits and key features of a ductless system. With ductless units, we are able to create multiple zones easily and do not have to rely on having the window space or duct-work for them to function. Often residents only occupy a small portion of a large space, and you may likely be spending quite a lot of money to heat or cool an entire zone you are not really occupying, while split systems can minimize energy waste dramatically.

Installations require a lot less work and damage to the existing structures, especially in older buildings that do not provide us easy access to map out appropriate ductwork. Our ductless air conditioners are quiet, and can also be great in helping to prevent allergies being you do not have to maintain and clean ductwork. Additional features often include remote controls, programmable timers, and reusable filters.

Why Choose Iceberg Mechanical for Ductless A/C Installation?

There are a variety of reasons why choosing a professional Brooklyn HVAC contractor like Iceberg Mechanical Corp. to install your ductless systems is very important. You want the work to look clean on the inside and out, be adequately powered, including the appropriate amount of zones, and have a great quality system.

At Iceberg Mechanical Corp., we only work with the best manufacturers on the market. We want our Brooklyn and Manhattan neighbors to have the best ductless split systems to keep them cool all summer, and even warm in the cold months. With various financing options and free consultations, it sounds like we need to talk! Call 718-788-7978 today!