If you are looking for effective methods to keep your indoor air safe for your family, our experts at Iceberg Mechanical strongly recommend installing HVAC UV lights. Take a look at how it does wonders in your home and the benefits that you can get from installing one.

How HVAC UV Lights Work?

Ultraviolet lights are designed to effectively kill microbes and other organic growths in the air, but they do not affect dust, dirt and pet dander. This is usually installed in the air handlers to kill microbes in the air that passes through. There are also residential cases where UV lights are installed near the coils to prevent the growth of mold and bacteria. And since the air passes through the coils, all other organic particles that flow with it are killed and eliminated.

Killing bacteria and mold spores before they are circulated inside your home is a helpful remedy for allergies and respiratory illnesses. If you are living with sensitive allergy sufferers inside your home, this is a big help in giving them peaceful days and nights.

Benefits of HVAC UV Lights

Here is a list of the benefits that HVAC UV lights offer:

Control the growth of mold, bacteria and other organic particles in the air and inside your HVAC system
Stop the re-circulation of germs thus preventing the occurrence of flu and colds
Reduce unwanted smells and odors which are usually caused by excess mold build-up
Lessen the concentration of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the air
Help in keeping a good indoor atmosphere for those living in places with too humid of climate
Prevent the growth of algae thus reducing the chance of clogged condensate drain lines
Maintain clean coils which result in improved cooling efficiency and low energy consumption
If you are planning to install a UV light in your home comfort system, there are two types that you can choose from:

Coil Sterilization. It is a stick type light which sterilizes the air handler coil. It is usually installed in the return air duct and runs 24/7 to keep the air clean and free from organic is the most commonly used UV light for HVAC units.
Air Sterilization. This type of UV light sterilizes the moving air. It is also installed in the return air ducts and operates with the air handler.
To ensure that your UV light will work best for your indoor atmosphere, we recommend you call professional help. Our experts at Iceberg Mechanical specialize in this task so you can count on us for proper installation. Just give us a call, and we will take it from there.