While the winter holiday season is one of the most festive celebrations, it can also be the most disastrous time of the year. According to the United States Fire Administration (USFA), an average of 260 Christmas tree-related accidents and 150 decorative and holiday lights incidents happen every year since 2004.

Here are smart tips to stay safe and sound this holiday season:

Don’t Gamble With Safety
We understand that you want your decorations to look great. That’s okay! However, don’t sacrifice your safety over it. Be vigilant in buying Christmas decorations, because the quality is more important than appearance and quantity. If you use your last year’s decorations, make sure to inspect them for faulty parts.

Also, adding a safety switch is a smart move as it helps detect power imbalance and automatically stops the flow of current to prevent electrocution.

Be Mindful of Your Decoration Choice
During the holidays, if you are expecting kids or if you have pets at home, decorations like foods and toys can be a risk. Do not use decorations that look like the actual things. Also, you have to remove sharp edges and potentially dangerous ornaments from your list if you have kids running around the house.

Get a Safe Christmas Tree
If you don’t have a Christmas tree, get something flame-resistant. You can either go for a live tree or buy one with a fire-resistant label.

When setting it up, make sure there’s enough distance between the tree and any fireplace or radiators. Also, do not place it near hallways or doorways; the last thing you want is an obstacle blocking your way.

Use The Right Lights
After deciding which tree to use, make sure to use suitable lights for your home. Outdoor lights are proven to withstand cold and wet conditions. Indoor lights are great protection against fire hazards. LED Christmas lights, however, can be used outdoors and indoors, as they last longer than traditional lights.

Remember, if you are unable to determine the type of light you have, you better not use them. Damaged lights are prone to fire and can cause electrical injuries. If you want more holiday safety tips or HVAC repairs in Brooklyn, NY, contact us anytime at 718-260-6636. At Iceberg Mechanical we care about your safety and comfort this holiday season.