It is undeniable that heating systems can cause inflation in your energy bill. Good thing, with the help of supplementary heating devices such as space heaters, you can enjoy a comfortable indoor atmosphere with less trouble in your savings.

Space heaters are effective in providing warmth in your home but if not properly used, they can put you and your family in great jeopardy. So, if you are using space heaters in your NYC home, you should take note of these tips on how to use your devices safely.

  1. Always Follow the 3-ft. Rule

Be sure to keep combustible materials and other things at least 3-ft. away from the space heaters. Doing so will not only provide enough space for the operation of the device but prevents fire cases as well.

  1. Look out for Damaged Cords

Take time to inspect the power cords of the space heater before using them. If you see damaged or frayed parts, do not attempt to use the device for safety purposes. You should also make sure that the plug is not loose. If the plug fell out, ask help from a professional technician.

  1. Safety Certified

If you are planning to buy a space heater, look for those with a safety certification logo. This assures you that the unit is safe to use.

  1. Put in a Safe Place

Position your space heaters in a stable and level surface. Choose an area in your home where there is minimal chance of getting it knocked over.

  1. Turn It Off

Do not forget to turn off the device when you are ready to go to bed or when no one is in the room. Space heaters are among the common causes of house fires; it is important to always keep an eye on them.

  1. Do Not Use It Around Water

Never place space heaters near a water source. Similarly, you should not touch the device with wet hands. Electric shock is not something you would want to experience.

  1. Train and Teach

Teach everyone, especially the kids of the Do’s and Don’ts in using space heaters. Never let children play near it or operate the device without proper supervision.

  1. Use the Right Fuel

If your unit is fuel-operated, be sure to use the right gas. Refilling it with the wrong kind will only increase the chance of fire.

Follow these simple tips from our professionals at Iceberg Mechanical and enjoy a comfortable cold season with your space heaters. For more expert tips and comfort solutions, feel free to visit our page or talk to our experts. Give us a call now!