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The total cost of your new AC installation depends on many factors. The most significant load calculation will determine how efficient the new system you are installing will be. This will also help determine if your existing equipment can run the latest equipment or if you need an entirely new system.


Other factors are ductwork, insulation, exteriors units, and the location of the outdoor unit.

For smaller projects, for example, replacing a thermostat, you can do it independently. More extensive projects, however, may require more expertise. Remember that HVAC systems are complex and may involve gas, ventilation, and electrical work. If not handled properly can lead to severe injury or, worse, fire.

In this case, you need to find out if the issue is in the electrical currents causing vibration, the motor not running smoothly due to lack of lubrication, or something wrong with your belt or bearings. It’s best to call in a professional for this kind of problem.

This depends on where you live and who is installing the equipment. Some counties require licensing of all contractors, while some only require licensing of contractors doing larger projects such as commercial or industrial work. It’s best to check with local county officials on what regulations are necessary for your specific area within the county.

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