Just like cars, your HVAC system requires extra care to stay in tiptop shape. As it works harder to meet your comfort demands, it also tends to wear out faster. As a result, your unit may need professional maintenance, part replacement, or repair. Luckily, there is a more convenient way to boost your unit’s performance without burning up your money.

Read this blog from Iceberg Mechanical to find out how you can save more with an HVAC service agreement.

What is a Service Agreement?
A service agreement is a contract between you and an HVAC company that covers the repair, maintenance, or replacement of your heating and cooling system. It also includes the agreed terms and conditions and the amount of fee to be paid for the promised services.

You may be wondering how a service agreement differs from a maintenance program or a comfort plan. Basically, they are all the same. The fine line that differentiates them is the package they offer. Some HVAC service agreement programs include A/C and furnace checkups, filter replacements, coil cleaning, discount on repairs and new installation, and labor warranty.

Why Service Agreement is a Smart Choice?
Think about the money you spend for those repair jobs, replacement of components, and emergency services—plus the stress and trouble it gives you every time your HVAC equipment malfunctions. Then, do the math. Is it worth paying more than conveniently enjoying the perks of an HVAC service agreement?

Here are the amazing benefits waiting for you:
BIG Savings
When you sign up for an HVAC service agreement, you are entitled to guaranteed services at affordable costs. You also have the privilege to get discounts on replacement parts, repairs, and other heating and cooling products.

Did you know why it’s a good and long-term investment? A properly-functioning HVAC system consumes less energy which you can expect lower utility bills and fewer chances of system failure. Plus, nothing can make your heart happier than coming to a comfortable and safe home.

Sadly, many homeowners see a maintenance program as unnecessary expense added to their budget—until they later on encounter comfort issues.

Priority Emergency Services
Who doesn’t want to be addressed first in times of HVAC emergencies? That’s one of the best benefits of an HVAC service agreement! When your furnace stops working in the coldest night or your air conditioner fails on a scorching hot summer day, you can expect prompt response from the experts.

Longer System Lifespan
Just like other machines, your heating and cooling system isn’t engineered to run forever. However, when you invest in a service agreement, it can help extend your unit’s lifespan. With routine maintenance, you can enjoy an interrupted and longer comfort experience with your HVAC. So, what are you waiting for? Give your system the attention and care it deserves to perform for many years to come.

Better Indoor Air Quality
Your air ducts, filters, and other parts of your unit easily get clogged with dust and other debris. A dirty HVAC system can compromise your home’s comfort and jeopardize your family’s health. The allergens and other airborne contaminants can cause respiratory ailments and trigger allergies.

With a maintenance program, service professionals clean the coils, replace the filters, and check the fan motor and other system components. Therefore, this can drastically minimize the risk of harmful particles, improving your indoor air quality.

Before You Buy, Do Your Homework
Cheaper is not always better—remember that! To make sure you get the most of your investment, do a research first on the maintenance programs offered on the market. Double check the credibility of the company, its online reviews, and the cost of the service contract.

Check out at least three HVAC contractors and compare their prices. Find out also whether emergency repairs are included; if not, you may want to look elsewhere for that perk. Always read the fine print before signing, and make sure that the terms and conditions are clear to you.

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