Quality Central A/C that Gets Your Home Ready for the Summer

Central Air Conditioning Systems from Mitsubishi Electric

Investing in our Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning systems guarantees years of comfort and savings. Our products are designed for homes and businesses with quality and efficiency in mind.

When the summer goes extreme, you rely on your central air conditioner to stay comfortable and cool. You want an A/C that works in peak performance all summer long. You need a system engineered with quality and efficiency that you can count on for many years.  

Iceberg Mechanical Corp. carries a complete line of top-quality central air conditioning systems. We are a proud and authorized dealer of Mitsubishi Electric, a world-leading brand for residential, commercial, and industrial air conditioning systems.
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Why Choose Mitsubishi Electric Systems?

  • Quiet Operation
    Our air conditioning systems are designed for quiet operation—day and night. Both indoor and outdoor systems work smoothly and are not disruptive. The indoor units have low-speed fans, meaning they can operate much quieter than systems equipped with high-speed fans.
  • Highly Efficient
    Our products are ENERGY STAR certified, which means they use less energy during the operation. You can cut the energy cost without compromising the quality of your comfort. Our central A/C can both cool your home optimally and reduce operating costs.
  • Whole-House Cooling
    If you are looking to cool the entire home, then there’s no better choice than our central air conditioning systems. Our products are equipped with state-of-the-art technology that provides reliable whole-home cooling. They are ideal for multiple room applications and if required, they can also incorporate optional zone controls.
  • Smart Home Cooling
    Control comfort and efficiency from anywhere at any time. We have products that can be used as smart air conditioning systems. They can be controlled using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. This technology lets you set your desired temperature and allows turning and off of the system at a specific time—in a smart way!
  • Advanced Control
    Our air conditioning systems come with remote controls for easier and more convenient operation. The control lets you curb energy consumption, adjust fan speed, and manage other features without any hassle.
  • Comprehensive Filtering
    You can boost indoor air quality and keep your family healthy with our products—thanks to the advanced filtering technology offered by Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning systems. Never worry about getting your air dirty, as our system comes with separate filters for a better filtering process.

Finance Your New Mitsubishi Electric Central Air Conditioner

Getting a new Mitsubishi Electric cooling system for your home or business is made simple with our financing. Whether purchasing a new system is an emergency or planned and you lack the budget, Iceberg Mechanical Corp. allows you to get a piece of new equipment and pay it over time through affordable monthly payments.


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