Manhattan’s HVAC Techs Share Common A/C Emergencies They’ve Responded To

Manhattan's HVAC Techs Share Common A/C Emergencies They've Responded To

Commonly Reported A/C Emergencies in Manhattan, NY

If you are living in Manhattan, NY, you are definitely familiar with the A/C issues that are commonly reported by many homeowners. While some of these problems can wait, others need urgent professional attention to prevent further and costly damage.

Iceberg Mechanical will reveal the common emergency A/C repair services in Manhattan, NY.

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Frozen Coils

Air conditioning coils can freeze if the refrigerant temperature is below the freezing level. It could happen if your system is running at below 60-degree outdoor temperature, or operating at an extremely low temperature. If any of these factors are at play, chances are you may have a low refrigerant charge or poor airflow. Delaying the repair can put the system at harm, so call the pros right away.

Clogged Condensate Line

Most homeowners often ignore small leaks in their A/C. However, immediate repair is needed to prevent further damage in the future. Dirt, algae, and rust build-up can block the condensate line. The blockage causes the water to stay in the system and often results in leaks, dampness, and water damage. It’s best to contact your 24/7 HVAC service contractor in Manhattan, NY to fix the issues right away.

Outdoor Unit Doesn’t Turn On

If your outdoor unit doesn’t kick in, then check the switch. You may also have to check if your thermostat is correctly set, or if there are blown fuses in the panel box. If everything seems to work fine, then the culprit would be the burnt wires or faulty cables in the system. These problems can’t wait, so they need to be fixed right away. Turn off your A/C and contact a 24/7 air conditioning contractor in Manhattan, NY.

Refrigerant Leak

Your air conditioner will not perform properly, and your home will become less comfortable if the coolant in your system is leaking. Also, continuous exposure to leaking refrigerant can cause poisoning, especially if your indoor space is not ventilated well. If you notice that your comfort equipment is leaking refrigerant, then contact the experts right away.

These issues need immediate attention, or else your comfort and safety will be put at stake. Whatever your A/C emergencies, know that our team at Iceberg Mechanical is here to help. No need to search further for a/c repair near me Manhattan, NY. We provide 24/7 emergency HVAC services in Manhattan, NY and the nearby communities.

Contact us today for all your A/C repair needs.

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