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How to Prepare for an A/C Installation

With the heat becoming more intense as the summer season takes over, you’ll need a reliable cooling system to keep you comfortable. However, with so many air conditioning systems available in the market today, picking the right one can be overwhelming.

You might also have trouble with the installation process. So, here’s how you can prepare for your A/C installation:

Get to Know the Types of A/C Systems

This doesn’t mean you have to understand the ins and outs of air conditioning systems. Getting familiarized at least will help you better understand how an A/C works or how your technician will install it in your home.

  • Traditional System

This type of air conditioning system is what we call a conventional model. It has an outdoor unit installed next to the exterior wall adjacent to the indoor unit’s location. The cold air is distributed through the large ducts throughout the structure.

  • Ductless Mini-Split System

This type has individual evaporator and fan units for each room in a house or business building. The units operate independently, which is why you have better control of each room’s temperature.

  • Geothermal System

This A/C type cycles fluid like the water or refrigerant through pipe loops underground to bring heat from the air indoors to the ground.


Prepare the Ductwork

Your local contractor won’t be able to install your new air conditioning system if your ductwork has too much dust and dirt on it. Clean it thoroughly and air it out before the installation begins.

Make Room for the A/C System

Clear the area of clutter and objects before your new system arrives at your doorstep. It allows the installers to have room to work without them getting interfered. It’s also significant to ensure that your new system’s measurements will fit in the designated space.

Clear a Path for the Contractor

Move your tables, children’s toys, rugs, and other obstacles out of the way to give a clear path for the installer from the entrance to the installation area. It minimizes the chances of property damage and accidents. It also lessens your worry about breaking the expensive vase you bought from a far country.

Review the System Before It Gets Installed

On the day of your A/C installation, ensure that the system they brought is the one you ordered. Your contractor should have also performed a load calculation to pick the type of air conditioning system your space needs.


We Have Been Serving HVAC Customers for Decades

Iceberg Mechanical has been in the HVAC industry since 1993. Our long years of service prove that our technicians have the appropriate skills and experience to install your air conditioning without any problem. We will ensure that your new cooling system is correctly installed so that your family won’t have to endure a humid and hot temperature indoors.

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