Are you among the many homeowners in New York City with a loud-operating air conditioning unit at home? Properly performing A/C units produce soft sounds but if yours is becoming mysteriously noisy, you should doubt its condition and send it straight for a professional check.

Here are the most common A/C noises and what they most likely mean:

  • Banging

Banging is the most reported A/C noise in residential areas in New York City. It is the most common sign of a loose or broken part inside the compressor- the crankshaft, the piston pin or the connecting rod. It may also mean that your compressor is out of balanced or needs immediate replacement.

  • Clanking

Just like banging noises, clanking can also be caused by an out-of-balance part. If the compressor or any parts inside it become loose, or the indoor or outdoor fan and blades are hitting each other, that’s when clanking happens. If not given an immediate solution, this may result in bigger issues in the unit.

  • Clicking

The start-up and shutdown of the electrical components produce normal clicking sounds, but continuous clicking is no longer typical. It could be a sign of a failing thermostat and potential electrical issues. A/C units are composed of complex electrical devices so be sure to pay attention to these clicking sounds to secure your safety in your home.

  • Buzzing

Bussing noises can mean a lot of things including but not limited to having loose parts, debris, failing outdoor fan and fan blades or dirty filters. Dirty condenser coils, copper lines rubbing against something and out-of-balance blower can also cause the buzzing noises.

  • Humming

If the compressor hums and refuses to start, you might be dealing with loose parts and refrigerant piping. Although humming noise is not as serious as the other sounds, it still pays off to check on your unit and get a professional maintenance service.

  • Rattling

A rattling noise is prevalent to old air conditioning units since this is an obvious sign of component deterioration and loosening. But aside from that, rattling can also be caused by twigs and leaves clogging the system, electrical contractors, and loose fan.

  • Screaming

If it is a high-pitched whistling or screaming that’s bothering you in your home, we recommend you shut down the A/C completely and schedule a professional A/C repair in New York City. Refrigerant leak and high pressure are the most likely causes and are dangerous to your family’s health.

Do these noises sound familiar when you turn your unit on? What you need is an expert check and repair! Give us a call at Iceberg Mechanical for professional A/C services worthy of your trust!