If you think upgrading to a thermostat is as easy as buying a device and mounting it on the wall, you are totally mistaken. While it’s true that thermostats work with different types of systems, there’s still a possibility that you will get an item that is not right for your unit. To ensure that your investment will not go to waste, you need to do a little homework before you buy. Running on these checks is a good start.

What Kind of HVAC System Do you Have?

Various types of heating and cooling systems will make it harder for you to find a match. Your first task should be to familiarize the details of your HVAC systems. If you know what type of unit you have at home, searching a thermostat will be as easy as ABC. Check out the design quantity of your system and see if you are using any of these kinds:

  • Most thermostats work with low voltage systems which only need as low as 24V power supply and can be found in most houses.
  • Direct lines or high voltage systems need more serious attention. These are typically baseboards and electric heaters that require 110V to 240V power source. Not all thermostats work with these devices, and you may need to seek professional help for the best outcome.
  • 24 Minivolt units do not need electric power to operate.

  Guidelines for Thermostat Compatibility

  1. Do you have a whole house HVAC system or individual type of unit? Depending on the model specification, you may have high or low pace units in your home.
  2. If your HVAC system requires 110 to 240 volts to operate, you may need to check on your manufacturer’s note about the most suitable thermostat before purchasing.
  3. Be sure to understand every single detail of the purchased thermostat. If you have doubts about some information, check on their website for clarification.
  4. Common Wires or C-Wires are used for Wi-Fi thermostat. Before purchasing one, be sure to check if there are C-Wire cables in your home.
  5. Know the voltage of your HVAC system. Pay attention to the cables on the y1 and y2 terminals.

Are you uncertain of the compatibility of your HVAC system to your thermostat? Or are you planning to upgrade to smart ones but have no idea which unit will fit for your system? Our specialists can help you with that! Call us at Iceberg Mechanical, and we’ll run a compatibility test for you.