Would you like to keep your home’s comfort high at a low cost? Even though the majority of homeowners in NYC know the importance of HVAC maintenance, only a few understand what a service agreement is and its benefits.

HVAC service agreement or maintenance plan is a contract between a contractor and a homeowner. It allows you to save money and time since it includes seasonal tune-ups, quarterly checkups, inspections, parts replacement, and service repairs in a given period.

Here are the benefits included in an HVAC service agreement:

Improved Efficiency and Performance

With a service agreement, you can have certified technicians who will check your system on a regular basis, ensuring that your unit will operate on the optimal condition. They will clean and lubricate your unit’s parts for better performance.

The efficiency of your HVAC will also improve since service technicians will clean or replace your filter— which gives you better indoor air quality.

Extended Equipment Lifespan

Maintenance is done on a regular basis to help extend your unit’s service life. During the maintenance service, your technicians will inspect your system, identify the issues, and fix them long before they cause too much trouble in your unit’s overall performance.

Avoid costly repairs and extend the life expectancy of your unit by 50% by signing up for a service agreement today.

Priority Service

If you have signed up for a service agreement, you won’t have to wait just to schedule a technician visit. It means that you’ll be getting a priority service when your unit breaks and you need a quick repair. The service also includes reminders and other promotional benefits.


Although service agreements will cost you a quarterly or monthly fee, depending on the contract, you may reduce the service expense through the offered rebates. Once you have the service agreement contract, you’re entitled to receive amazing deals and discounts on other services like labor, parts repair and diagnostic. Not to mention seasonal coupons and gift certificates. Want to know more exciting HVAC deals? Ask us about our ongoing service agreements to find amazing offers! Here at Iceberg Mechanical Corp, you can trust us to get to the bottom of your issue and resolve it hassle-free. Contact us today to get started!