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One of the greatest HVAC inventions ever made is the heat pump. This device can both provide heating and cooling comfort for homes or businesses. However, along with its dual capability is the much stress it gets. While regular A/C and furnaces get some rest in the winter and summer, heat pumps work all year round.

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4 Telltale Signs Your Heat Pump Need Immediate Repair


Ideally, you should have your heat pumps checked at least once a year. This will guarantee that every component of your unit is in good condition. This also prevents minor problems from getting bigger, as the sooner you notice a problem, the less damage it will present.

Here are the top warning signs your heat pump needs immediate repair service:

Skyrocketing Energy Bills

Heat pumps consume a lot of electricity. However, if your energy bills get abnormally high than the previous months, you might want to have your heat pump inspected.

There are several possible reasons behind this—it can be a minor one or a major one.  If the reason is a dirty filter, you can easily replace them by yourself. However, if you have a refrigerant problem, you may require professional attention.

Poor Airflow

Most of the time, poor airflow has something to do with your air filters or ducts. However, if they both are in good condition, the problem may come from your heat pump itself.

Restricted airflow is a result of several possible reasons. This includes the following:

  • dirty air filters
  • dirty coils
  • blocked condenser unit
  • malfunctioning blower motor

If you’re unsure what causes poor airflow from your unit, we suggest you call our team to have your unit expected.

Unusual Sounds

Several heat pumps produce humming sounds when it operates. However, a normally working heat pump should not generate any extra noises such as rattling, squeaking, screeching, or even bubbling noises. When this happens, you may need to have your unit checked.

These unusual sounds are often a result of internal problems, such as a loose fan belt, a poorly lubricated central air fan motor, or even a refrigerant leak. So, be sure to contact our pros for fast action.

Weird Smell

If your heat pumps produce a funky smell, immediately call for professional help. Musty and rotting smells often indicates mold problems or even dead animal inside your unit.

In addition, if you smell a burning scent from your unit, we highly suggest turning off your unit immediately and call our team as soon as possible. These burning smells could indicate electrical or wiring problems that can present serious fire hazards.


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Proper heating repair service in Bronx, NY is enough to help your heat pumps perform well. However, when early warning signs occur, it’s important not to neglect them. At Iceberg Mechanical Corp, we ensure that your heating system is at its top condition with our prompt heating repair services.

No one wants to have a malfunctioning heat pump in the middle of a cold winter night! When in need of heating repairs, immediately call our team at 718-788-7978 to address your heating issue.