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Like any device or equipment, heating systems have their specific value in terms of your overall comfort.

At Iceberg Mechanical Corp, we make it a point to do more than just telling our clients that they need our product or service. We discuss every benefit of installing an energy-efficient unit and how it can help their overall comfort.

We make sure you get the best equipment for you to stay comfortably warm for years. Call us to get started!

5 Benefits of Installing an Energy-Efficient Heating System

Our team helps you get the best possible heating comfort with our top-notch heating installation in Bronx, NY. With that, here are five reasons why you should install an efficient heating system on your property.

Lower Heating Bills

By opting for a high-efficiency heating system, you can easily save a significant amount of money. This is because installing an energy-efficient heating system could lessen your energy bills by up to 30% or more every month.

While you’re at it, you can also add a new duct to your system to further boost your efficiency. If you don’t plan to replace your ducts, you can opt for duct repair or sealing. This ensures that small gaps and cracks will not produce air leaks which can affect your heating costs.

Less Carbon Footprint  

For those concerned about the environment, one small help you can do is have an energy-efficient heating system. Efficient heating equipment uses 30% to 50% less power to heat a space. This means you’ll consume less fossil fuel and emit less carbon dioxide.

So, be sure to look for a unit that has a high-efficiency rating to help our environment. Call a local pro to help you out.


Longer System Lifespan

Energy-efficient heating systems also mean longer service life. Over time, your unit will suffer from wear and tear. However, with an efficient heating system, you’ll significantly notice the improved life expectancy of a unit.

For instance is the improved operation of intricate parts of your unit, such as the compressor, fan, belts, and capacitor. An energy-efficient heating system produces less stress to those parts, which can prevent accelerated wear out.

Less Maintenance Needs

Installing an energy-efficient heating system will also reduce the need for maintenance and repair services. These units are sealed better than the old models, which results in less dust and debris accumulation into the interior components of your unit.

In addition, expect that these units have user-friendly controls, such as an electronic ignition rather than a pilot light. The only task left is the regular air filter replacement, which is done at least once a month.

Better Comfort

Having an energy-efficient unit also means better comfort. These units often feature a variable-speed compressor that lets you operate at a lower speed for a longer period.