Iceberg Mechanical Corp fabricates custom HVAC ductwork in our facility, allowing us to save you time and money when installing your new system. Fabricating the ductwork correctly is critical in ensuring your system works properly and efficiently. 

Check out these amazing benefits that you can get from using a custom sheet metal product for your ductwork and HVAC:


Compared to a stock sheet metal form, a custom sheet metal product ensures that it can withstand the pressure and stresses in your application. At Iceberg Mechanical, we make products out of alloys which are resistant to chemicals, temperature, and much force. It’s just the perfect requirement for the massive operation of your home’s ductwork.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Cracks, holes, and other imperfection in the ducts contribute to wasted energy that increases your energy bill. A custom-made sheet metal ductwork design is free of all these issues and helps prevent up to 80% loss of heat or cool air. This yields better comfort inside your home and lowers energy bill.

Enhanced Comfort

Custom ductwork helps create a neutral air pressure, which is beneficial for the proper operation of your system. It allows the conditioned air to move freely towards the different rooms and improve the comfort inside your home. Our professional designers at Iceberg Mechanical ensure that the custom ductwork we install distributes proper temperature to save you from hot and cold spots.

Fits Your Space

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to ductwork systems. Even standard duct pieces are often too small or too large to the needs of the home or building project. A custom sheet metal ductwork is based primarily on the thorough measurement of your walls, ensuring you have a size that perfectly matches your available space.

Better Performance

Your heating and cooling system’s performance is improved with custom sheet metal ductworks. The custom parts are fitted to create a stable indoor environment, heating and cooling your rooms faster and eliminating issues like fluctuating temperatures.

We can’t deny that custom sheet metal fabrication for ductworks requires expenses and the process is quite complex. It’s important that only a professional team handle the service for best results.

If you are in Brooklyn, NY, you have a dependable team to count on for your custom sheet metal fabrication services. Give us a call at Iceberg Mechanical!

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