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AC Maintenance Manhattan By Iceberg

Are you tired of spending expensive electricity bills or worrying about sudden A/C breakdowns in the middle of the summer heat?

Maintenance is the answer! However, a lot of homeowners still see it as an insignificant investment. Maintenance may seem like a costly cut on your spending,  but it’s a smart decision for your air conditioning system.

Iceberg Mechanical, a trusted company in the HVAC industry, knows all your concerns with high energy bills, expensive repairs, and untimely outages. We offer comprehensive and customized maintenance plans that will take care of any issues, ensuring you’ll be comfortable throughout the summer season.

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How Frequently Should My A/C Be Serviced?

A professional technician should service your air conditioning unit on an annual basis. You can do numerous things to keep your unit running, but your unit requires a professional inspection at least once per year.

It’s best to plan your annual service in the spring to ensure that your system is ready for the scorching summer months. Summer is when your air conditioning system works the hardest, so as spring gives way to hotter days, you should ensure that your unit is in tip-top shape.

What Happens If I Don’t Change My A/C Filter?

What will happen if you neglect to change your air conditioner’s filter? It’s difficult to believe that such a small component would make such a significant difference in air quality and comfort, but it does.

Consider cleaning the air (and the air conditioner) in the same way as you would clean the rest of your business room. It would quickly deteriorate if you ignored it for a month.

So what’s going to happen?

Blower fans and ductwork will accumulate dust and debris

If you do not change your air conditioner’s filter, it will eventually fail. It will be unable to filter the air properly, allowing dust and contaminants to enter the air conditioner. Dust clogs the AC’s moving components, such as fan motors and valves. Then airflow is restricted, putting the system under strain.

To overcome restricted airflow, the HVAC system will use more electricity. This is how dust reduces the unit’s energy efficiency (at best) and can result in breakdowns.

Contamination by moisture and mold

Every day, your air conditioner filters the air five to seven times. That’s a lot of circulation, bringing whatever is contained within your air conditioner with it. Pollen, mold, and germs spread rapidly throughout any structure.

All these contaminants can cause people to become ill. Replace your air conditioning filter to avoid these sicknesses. Your employees will be grateful that you spared them the agony of allergies and illness.

Abrasion and degradation

The filter is not the only component that will cease to function correctly. Dust build-up in the ducts deteriorates the moving parts, causing them to run slower and consume more energy.

Eventually, as your air conditioner components fail, you will need to replace them, which can be costly. Consider the low cost of filters in comparison to the much higher cost of more extensive repairs.

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