Premier A/C Installation Service in Bronx, NY

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Do you have a new home that needs a cooling system? Or your existing air conditioning unit is already on its last legs? Perhaps, you want to upgrade your air conditioner. Whatever your A/C need is, Iceberg Mechanical is always at your service.

Iceberg Mechanical Corp has been providing a wide array of HVAC services for two decades. With our experience and team of professionally certified technicians, we guarantee a quality A/C installation service in Bronx, NY. Our techs ensure that the installation is done properly, so you don’t have to deal with any future problems. 

Why Invest in Energy-Efficient Air Conditioners 

If your air conditioning unit installed ten years ago is still well-functioning, getting a new, high efficient system probably will not cross your mind. Besides, the cost of the equipment and the A/C installation service in the Bronx, NY sure doesn’t come cheap. However, know that while you need to spend money on the upfront cost of replacing your old model, getting an energy-efficient system would be more beneficial in the long run. 


Saves Money

We’ll admit that air conditioning units with higher SEERs or EERs have higher price tags. It may sound incongruent, but investing in these pricey systems can still save you some bucks, especially if you are living in an area with high electricity rates or are using the cooling system frequently. Energy-efficient systems use less energy to operate, which in return can lower your electricity bills. 


Reduces Carbon Footprint

Carbon footprint refers to the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions someone or something has produced. Greenhouse gas contributes to climate change and global warming. And your air conditioning unit emits millions of tonnes of this gas annually. So while your air conditioning unit is cooling your home, it might be heating the planet. One of the ways to avoid adding more carbon footprint is to install energy-efficient cooling appliances. 


Increase Your Home’s Value

A home with an energy-efficient cooling system that can reduce energy costs by thousands is definitely attractive to an average home buyer. So if you ever plan to put your property on sale, investing in an energy-efficient air conditioning unit could help you sell your home at a higher price. 


How to Choose the Right Energy-Efficient Air Conditioning Unit

High efficient A/C products aren’t rare. In fact, the options can even be overwhelming. To help you find the product that meets your requirements, examine the unit’s EnergyGuide level. They are usually bright yellow and available in both central air and room conditioners. 

Some information you can find in the label includes the type, size, make, and model of the air conditioner, its key features, the average projected annual operating cost, the price range of products in the same category, the EER. If the air conditioner has passed Energy Star’s stringent energy efficiency guidelines, you can also find an Energy Star label. 

Get an Energy-Efficient A/C System Today! 

Iceberg Mechanical Corp is a proud dealer of York and Mitsubishi air conditioning products. Both brands offer quality, energy-efficient A/C units. Contact us at 718-788-7978 to schedule an appointment and learn more about our installation services. We have A/C pros that will help you find the best product and solutions for your space and budget, and pro techs to guarantee proper AC installation in Bronx, NY.