Upgrading your cooling and heating solution shouldn’t mean taking a sledgehammer to your walls, drastically changing your home décor, or redoing your entire floor plan. Your home is your inner sanctum and an upgrade in comfort shouldn’t mean a downgrade in appearance.

Luckily, ductless and short-ducted systems come in many shapes and sizes. Whether you’re the proud owner of a historic home or a laneway house with limited space, there is a solution that fits. While many homeowners like the convenience of a standard or deluxe wall-mount, others opt for floor-mounted, ceiling-recessed, and short-ducted indoor units.

In this article, we’ll explore how a ductless system makes your cooling and heating upgrade a breeze.

Master Bedroom

A larger bedroom—particularly the master bedroom—is a great setting for a wall-mount. Understated and stylish, a wall-mounted unit usually has the best features for comfort-minded individuals.

With a built-in air filter, allergens such as pollen, mold, and pet dander are easily removed from circulation. No more sneezing or itchy, runny noses at bedtime. The advanced i-see Sensor™ also provides the most even cooling and heating experience available. By sensing each and every section of your room—people included—hot and cold pockets are reduced to unpleasant memories. A better night’s sleep, at last.


Between kitchen ranges, cupboards, appliances and dishwashers, it can get pretty cramped in the kitchen. Where wall space is scarce, a horizontal-ducted unit is a good fit.

Featuring a short duct, which helps it fit into awkward places, this unit can be installed at either the floor or ceiling level. The end result is a small, nearly invisible vent. Equipped with an optional, MERV8-certified filter, this unit may be useful the next time you burn your toast. A ceiling-recessed unit, a good option in tight spaces, could also be a good fit.


If your office is a smaller room, say with angled walls, a wall-mounted unit may not fit into the scheme of things. In this case, a ceiling-recessed unit—which resembles a simple vent—could do the trick.

Providing an even distribution of air, without getting in the way, this unit does the job where wall or floor space is limited. It’s also great when you want to keep your system hidden from sight. A horizontal-ducted unit would also be a good fit in this situation.

Living Room

When it comes to your living room, a feature-rich indoor unit, like a wall-mount, is an ideal choice. When equipped with an i-see Sensor, the natural temperature differences in a larger, more open room is more easily tamed.

If you’re lacking in wall space, a floor-mounted unit could be just what the doctor ordered. At about the size of a small radiator, the floor-mount easily blends into your living space. Like its wall-loving counterpart, the floor-mount also has a built-in allergen filtration system and remote control.


With endless possibilities to mix and match indoor units, a ductless system is well-suited to character homes and those with difficult or space-limited layouts. Whether it’s a wall-mounted, floor-mounted, ceiling-recessed, or short-ducted unit, there is a solution that can keep your comfort—and design scheme—intact.