Who says keeping cool always means larger expense? A/C units are undeniably among the energy hogs at home, but with the help of some easy tips from our professionals at Iceberg Mechanical, you can make it work for your budget and not against it! Check out these pointers below!

  • Clean Around Outdoor Condenser Units

They may be located outside, but mind you, condenser units are as important as your A/C’s indoor components. Always take the time to clean and check if it is obstructed with debris. Sometimes, overgrown bushes are hindering it from getting enough supply of air. For more thorough cleaning, seek professional help.

  • Keep Vents Unblocked

Blocked vents can cause hot and cold spots and may affect the performance of your air conditioning unit. Keep appliances and furniture away from it to allow for the free flow of air to the different parts of your home.

  • Few Degrees Raise in Thermostat Setting

Adjusting the thermostat 5-8 degrees higher in the summer can help you save energy big time. If you are still using a manually operated thermostat, now’s the time to make an upgrade to programmable ones for greater savings. With this, you can automatically adjust the settings anywhere, anytime via your smartphones.

  • Keep Heat-Emitting Appliances Away from the Thermostat

Lamps and other heat-emitting appliances will give your thermostat sensor the wrong idea that your home needs cooling. As a result, the thermostat will command your system to work longer and harder than it may need to.

  • Close Curtains and Blinds

Be sure to keep your blinds and curtains closed when the summer heat as at its peak and the sunlight hits the windows directly. This will prevent some of the heat from entering and warming your abode.

  • Limit the Use of Dryers and Ovens

Dryers draw warm air into your home while ovens add additional heat to it. You don’t want any of these to ruin the cool comfort inside, right? Aside from compromising your comfort, it will also cause your air conditioning unit to work harder.

  • Insulate your Exposed Ductwork

Duct leaks are causing your energy bill to rise. You can fix visual leaks with specialized duct sealing tapes but be sure to let a professional technician do the entire ductwork repair and sealing for best results.

There are maintenance checks that you can do yourself, but for complete and reliable service, we recommend you leave the job to the experts. If you are in New York City and needs professional service, you can always give us a call at Iceberg Mechanical. We offer high-quality services worthy of your trust. Call us!