Can you imagine the trouble of getting your home back into shape after the holidays? Having to deal with a messy living room, dirty sheet covers, and scruffy kitchen altogether surely is a frightening situation. As your trusted HVAC contractor in NYC, Iceberg Mechanical Corp. is here to help.

Here are six expert tips for doing the cleaning after Christmas less of a hassle:

Make A List of Things
Be sure to make a list of things you’ll be doing for your post-Christmas clean-up, so you know what comes first and what comes last. Just like how the pros handle their job, identify the tasks or chores you need to do. Come up with a list of must-do things and group them according to the level of difficulty or however you find it productive and less hassle on your part.

Schedule According to Priority
After you have identified the chores or tasks to do, go through the list once more. This time, classify them based on the priority and add a schedule or time frame. Mark the things that require immediate action or has to be dealt with immediately as if it concerns your safety or home’s comfort. This way, everything is in order, and you won’t be wasting any time or effort doing the same things over.

Gather Supplies for Cleaning
The next thing to do is gather the necessary tools that you’ll need for cleaning and the required quantities. You can add it to your to-do list, so you’ll be able to identify if you’re running out of supplies.

Be sure to get the right cleaning tool for the job. If you didn’t get the right supplies, then find a suitable alternative that makes cleaning a lot easier.

Organize for Safe-Keeping
Not everything that’s in your home can last throughout the year. Should you plan to keep the Christmas decoration, it is really up to you. However, if you plan to use them for next year, remember to keep them safe and stashed properly.

Recycle or Dispose of Anything That Has Gone Bad
While cleaning, identify things in your home that might have gone bad or broke over time. Instead of stashing them together for safe-keeping, separate them in another box. If there are other possible uses, keep them, otherwise dispose of them. Make a habit of recycling and disposing items to free up space in your storage.

Ask for Help
After you accomplished your to-do list, you may ask for some help from your family. If the cleaning task at hand warrants extensive care like your appliances or comfort systems, then it’s best to seek professional help.

From all of us here at Iceberg Mechanical Corp., we wish you a joyous and bountiful holiday! For any of your comfort needs, feel free to reach out to us.