Just like any other appliances in your Brooklyn, NY home, your air conditioner also needs its fair share of TLC. But if your central air conditioner isn’t working, what could possibly be wrong?

Read on to understand how to get around the most common air conditioning problems in the summer.

Clogged Filters

Did you know that cleaning or replacing the filters can help reduce your energy bill by up to 15%? Clogged air filters restrict airflow causing your unit to work harder and consume more energy than necessary. It’s best to have your filters replaced every one to three months to maintain your system’s efficiency.

Faulty Thermostat Sensor

The thermostat controls the operation of your unit. When the sensor is defective, the performance of your A/C is compromised. Common signs of a faulty thermostat sensor include erratic operation and extremely long cycles. This usually happens when the thermostat is knocked out of position so you need to check the unit once in a while.

Low Refrigerant Level

Refrigerant is a type of coolant that serves as the extremely important liquid of your air conditioning unit. If your system is not giving your home sufficient cooling, you are probably dealing with refrigerant insufficiency. It could be leaking in your unit and should be addressed immediately. If not, it can pose a real threat to your system, the environment, and your safety as a whole.

Dirty or frozen Coils

Unfortunately, cleaning the filters is not enough to keep the coils clean all year-round. The coil becomes filled with dirt and dust over time, and it has a big impact on the A/C’s operation. Frozen coils may also arise with a low refrigerant level in the A/C. Whatever coil issue you’re dealing with, a professional A/C technician can help you address the problem.

Outdoor Fan Malfunctions

Outdoor fans are designed to take hot air and then release it to the outside. If it stops working, it prevents heat transfer which may result in A/C compressor overheating and tripping. If you’re having trouble with your outdoor fan, we recommend you call the experts right away.

All these problems boil down to one thing—lack of maintenance. Call our experts at Iceberg Mechanical for dependable A/C maintenance service in Brooklyn, NY.

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