Why Choose Us?

We are New York City’s premier trusted contractor for Heating and Air Conditioning Installations, Repairs, and Maintenance.
Our passion for doing the right thing for our clients, standing behind our work, and providing service that combines our expertise and our unmatched dedication to continue to improve – our reputation depends on it!

New York City is a unique area in need of a unique solution for heating and cooling homes. While newer homes are equipped with traditional HVAC equipment, there are still many homes and buildings in our area working off older equipment. This is where Iceberg shines. We are experts at converting older homes and buildings in the City to newer more efficient traditional or ductless systems. Iceberg technicians and sales force can not only help navigate you through all the options available, but also guide you through the various incentives and rebates that make switching to a higher efficiency system more affordable than sticking with your old equipment. Since day one, our attention to detail and customer satisfaction have always come first.