Local Heating & Cooling Company in NYC Offers a Sweet Money-Saving Deal

Local Heating & Cooling Company in NYC Offers a Sweet Money-Saving Deal

Local NYC Heating & Cooling Contractor Offers Customized HVAC Maintenance Programs

Iceberg Mechanical, a local air conditioning and heating contractor in the NYC area wants to help customers save big money through customized HVAC maintenance plans. Customers who signed up for an HVAC maintenance program are provided with money-saving benefits during repair.

HVAC service agreements by Iceberg Mechanical are designed to help lower utility costs, reduce repair calls, and extend the service life of comfort equipment—saving them huge cost while enjoying interrupted comfort in their NYC homes.

What Are HVAC Maintenance Programs?

HVAC maintenance programs are a paid agreement with homeowners who opt to receive annual service for their HVAC systems. Depending on the terms, customers may receive one or two service visits each year. The program includes maintenance schedules as well as reminders when the service is due to ensure every work is done on time. Also, it comes with special service that moves customers into the front of the line when their HVAC system needs emergency repairs.

The program is always flexible to meet the needs and budget of homeowners. This means they can choose what services are to be included in the agreement and pay for them at a discounted price. Each agreement comes with applicable rebates to lower the cost of repairs.

These HVAC maintenance programs provide homeowners with improved efficiency, better indoor comfort, and bigger money savings.

How Do HVAC Maintenance Agreements Help Customers Save Money?

Repairs for HVAC systems can be costly and difficult—and this is exactly the reason why Iceberg Mechanical designed HVAC maintenance agreements for their existing and potential customers. Each program also comes with an ongoing insurance policy to help homeowners prevent any unforeseen repair or replacement expenses.

Iceberg Mechanical works closely with homeowners to discuss their HVAC problems and implement an immediate solution to prevent the risk of costly repairs in the future. Homeowners who hold a maintenance program are also fully covered when their HVAC needs help. The priority service can take away the stress of looking and waiting for a service technician to come to their home. They can get priority service and special attention at times their HVAC needs immediate help.

With all the coverage and benefits including an HVAC maintenance agreement, homeowners can definitely keep their hard-earned savings without the stress of expensive repairs and discomfort.


Iceberg Mechanical Corp is a family-owned HVAC business since 1993. They take pride in being one of Mitsubishi Elite Diamond Dealers in New York City. Through hard work, they have passed the new contractor classifications with several criteria, including warranty registration tracking for every system. They have surpassed the five performance indicators—marketing, training, service, sales, and customer satisfaction. Currently, Iceberg Mechanical is New York City’s premier HVAC contractor for HVAC installations, repair, and maintenance of all types.