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A/C Repair in Atlantic Terminal Houses, NY AC Repair Atlantic Terminal Houses

Having a malfunctioning A/C in the middle of the scorching summer in Atlantic Terminal Houses, NY is never good. Poor comfort, high energy bills, and costly repairs are just some of the problems you can encounter with a failing A/C, and delaying the necessary repairs will cause much trouble to your savings and comfort. At Iceberg Mechanical Corp, we will make sure to get back your cooling system’s proper function and offer you unobstructed comfort throughout the hot months. We service all makes and models of air conditioning systems, and no matter how big or small the issue is, we’ve got you covered. We have licensed and factory-trained technicians who are equipped with knowledge, experience, and tools to handle any of your cooling concerns. Turn to our experts, and we’ll fix your problems in no time.

NY Heater RepairNY Heater Repair

If your winter in Atlantic Terminal Houses, NY last year seems like a nightmare due to poor performing heating system, it is probably the experience you don’t want to repeat this year. Remember, your heating system will fail to operate in peak performance due to several reasons. Some of it includes lack of maintenance, a malfunctioning thermostat, failing electric ignition or pilot control, dirty air filters, and much more issues. Fixing most of these issues require professional attention, so you better call the pros right away. Don’t let these problems put a damper on your comfort! Contact us at Iceberg Mechanical Corp, and we’ll be happy to address and fix any of your heating problems with expertise.

Ductless AC InstallationDuctless AC Installation

Ductless A/C is a great solution if you are looking to upgrade your cooling comfort needs. Consistent cooling, lower utility bills, and minimal system maintenance are just few of the benefits you can get using ductless air conditioners. Turning to ductless cooling doesn’t even require you to use or install ductworks in your home or office. At Iceberg Mechanical Corp, we install ductless A/C units in your Atlantic Terminal Houses homes, buildings, and offices alike.  We find them to be the great fit in many instances. We have licensed and factory-trained installers and technicians who will take care of all your cooling needs, particularly when it comes to ductless A/C installation. If you are not sure about this option, talk to us first so we can discuss how ductless A/C can improve your cooling comfort.

Central Air InstallationCentral Air Installation

Installing a central air conditioner in your Atlantic Terminal Houses home can be an amazing upgrade, especially during the hot months of the year. This unit provides greater comfort for bigger homes, offices, or buildings. If you are looking to replace your outdated A/C or simply need to upgrade your cooling needs, a central air conditioner can be a wise choice. At Iceberg Mechanical Corp, we install central air conditioners to satisfy your cooling needs. We are one of the leading YORK and Mitsubishi Electric dealers in the local, and this will give you peace of mind knowing that only true professionals handle the installation process. Get in touch with us today, and we’ll cool your home all year round.

Emergency HVAC RepairEmergency HVAC Repair

There’s nothing better than knowing your heating and cooling pros are just around to fix your comfort issues. At Iceberg Mechanical Corp, you can have peace of mind knowing that we are just a call away whenever your HVAC system fails. We understand how hard it is when your heating or cooling system suddenly breaks down in the middle of the night, and there’s no one you can count on. Good thing, with our emergency HVAC repair, you don’t need to wait until the morning to warm or cool back your home. Regardless of the size of the problem, we are round-the-clock ready to offer the assistance you deserve. Contact us for your emergency HVAC repair needs.

HVAC Maintenance ProgramsHVAC Maintenance Programs

Preventive HVAC maintenance can save you a significant amount of money when you encounter surprise repairs. It is also important to keep your heating and cooling unit running in the best state through the years. Here at, Iceberg Mechanical Corp, we offer HVAC maintenance programs to help you save money and maintain your comfort system’s good working condition all year round. Whether you are a homeowner running a multi-unit residential building or a business operator who needs to maintain the comfort of your employees, our HVAC maintenance programs can save you from headaches caused by unexpected repairs later. Contact us to know what maintenance program suits you best.

HVAC Service AgreementsHVAC Service Agreements

Repairs required by your heating and cooling system can be costly, and fixing the problem yourself just to avoid the expenses is not a wise move at all. Here at Iceberg Mechanical Corp, you can find a wide variety of HVAC service agreements that match your needs and budget. We offer affordable and hassle-free repairs on every agreement our customers get. Our agreements will provide you with an ongoing insurance policy when HVAC problems arise and you need immediate repairs. Our team will work diligently to deliver the necessary repairs that can inherently occur over time, without the added cost that would otherwise come when you opt out of the service agreement. Save money, maintain your unit’s performance, and enjoy lasting comfort by signing up on our HVAC service agreement today. Contact us online today!

Custom Sheet Metal FabricationCustom Sheet Metal Fabrication

Proper ductwork fabrication is essential to ensure your HVAC system works efficiently and accurately. Turn to our experts at Iceberg Mechanical Corp to get customized ductwork fabrication service today. We fabricate custom ductwork in our facility to save you time and money when installing your new comfort system. We fabricate a variety of custom elbows, offsets, and transitions to meet your needs and ensure proper airflow is achieved inside your living environment. Customizing your ductwork is highly recommended, especially if your home or HVAC system has a special or unique requirement. Call our expert contractors today, and we’ll provide ductwork fabrication that matches your needs and budget.

Mechanical EngineeringMechanical Engineering

The design of your heating and cooling system is a sub-discipline of mechanical engineering that is based on heat transfer, fluid mechanics, and thermodynamics. Proper sizing of your unit, proper placement of your HVAC system, and calculation of CFMs are necessary to ensure you get the comfort you need through the years. Our engineers at Iceberg Mechanical Corp will prepare a custom HVAC solution that is tailored to your specific needs, minimizing the construction cost and maximizing energy efficiency. We’ve been providing mechanical engineering services to NY residential and commercial clients for more than two decades. If you need assistance in your next HVAC project, feel free to call our experts at Iceberg Mechanical Corp.

Applicable RebatesApplicable Rebates

Rebates for HVAC offers you the opportunity to receive credits, increase your refund, and get a highly-efficient system for upgrading your heating and cooling equipment in your home or business. Any upgrade that reduces the energy use makes you eligible for HVAC rebates, which will save you a significant of money in the installation. Here at Iceberg Mechanical Corp, we offer applicable rebates from ConEdison. Most homes and businesses in NY qualify for a variety of rebates provided. Qualifications for these rebates, however, will vary. Contact us, and we will discuss how you can be eligible and receive the rebates. Let us guide you through the process!

0% Financing0% Financing

Save money and make your home comfortable all year round with our 0% financing. At Iceberg Mechanical Corp, our goal is to offer you the best HVAC products. We partner with the top names in the industry to get the preferable pricing on the equipment you buy. We also offer options for 0% financing, and this covers the cost of the purchase or installation, helping you save money in the upgrade. We want to help each customer with their heating and cooling needs, and our financing option has been the most viable way to do this. Contact us to know more about HVAC financing options and how you can qualify on it.

Air Conditioning Brands

Looking for a new air conditioning unit for your home or office? Here are the brands we service:


YORK’s pledge to create quality products started over 140 years ago. Since then, YORK has heated or cooled some of the world’s most famous buildings, such as the Empire State Building, the English Chunnel, U.S. Capitol Building and the Sydney Opera House. YORK is committed to bringing their customers the highest quality products.  


Mitsubishi is one of the world’s leading brands in manufacturing of electrical, electronic products, and HVAC systems used in different fields and applications. The company has facilities and offices around the world and has been at the forefront of Japan’s product innovation and technical ingenuity.  

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