Is Your Home And Heating System Ready For Winter?

It’s not uncommon to pay little attention to your heating system, as long as its functioning or simply not in use during the warmer month, but we are pretty confident that once the cold weather is here and something goes wrong, you may look back and think, if only we gave it just a little focus.  There are a variety of reasons that homeowners can significantly benefit from our annual maintenance packages, as they provide you with routine check ups that are overseen by the expertise our heating and cooling contractors.  

Below is a sample checklist of things that we perform for clients that can help keep you warm and toasty all winter long, and keep the headaches that follow when unanticipated heating repairs arise.  If it too late for you to avoid the headache, at least you know – we are here to help get you back to normal comfort.  We provide emergency heating repairs all year long so trust all your heating and cooling needs to the expert Brooklyn HVAC Contractors at Iceberg Mechanical.

  1. Check and adjust safety controls
  2. Adjust / calibrate thermostat
  3. Test fan motor CFM
  4. Check for carbon monoxide leaks
  5. Check flame sensor for wear
  6. Adjust burner fuel mixture
  7. Lubricate moving parts
  8. Check disposable filter
  9. Check flue piping for leaks
  10. Test fan motor CFM
  11. Check electronic controls