A Few Ways to Cut Down Your Home Heating Bill

Who doesn’t love winters? The cold breeze, the delicate snowflakes, and the aroma of hot chocolate, appeal to almost everybody. Although Santa might be around the corner, his archenemy, the Grinch might arrive as well in the form of a scary looking heating bill. If you are looking for a method to reduce your heating bill, then here are a few effective strategies that can be applied.


Don’t do it in a literal way though. Normally fans are used to cool down during the summer but they can be utilized as a source of heat during the winter too. Running the fan at a low speed in a clockwise direction will create an updraft, causing the warm pocket of air confined at the ceiling to move downwards and warm up the room. Doing this gives a 15 percent reduction in your heating bill.


Don’t worry! Nobody will be spying on you on a cold winter night. During the night, draw your curtains or drapes to prevent heat loss through a draft and in the daytime, open them to let in the sunlight and increase the room’s temperature. Ideally, the curtains should be made of acrylic or contain foam insulation so that the heat energy is directed into the room.


This may sound counterproductive but no need to fret; you don’t have to become an Eskimo. During the day, you can set your thermostat to 68 degrees Fahrenheit and if you are feeling cold, put on a sweater. Lowering the temperature each degree saves up to 5 percent on your heating bill.


If you ever paid attention in the science class, you would know that warm air rises. It’s an established fact and you don’t want that especially if it escapes from your house’s chimney. If you are not using the chimney, block the chimney flue and if you are, then you should close the damper when you don’t have a fire going. According to the Department of Energy, the nearest window should be cracked open, the thermostat lowered to 55 degrees and all the doors of the fireplace should be closed. This reduces the heating bill.