New System Installation

New system installations aren’t something to take lightly no matter the size of your new installation. When looking for a contractor to come into your home and install a new system, there’s quite a bit that can go wrong for the weekend warrior or even another company that isn’t familiar with your type of project.

There’s a number of HVAC companies out there that focus on the commercial side of the business – which to the common customer, you might think that means the job is more difficult. In many commercial projects such as hotels and office buildings, the heating and air conditioning systems are plug and play. In this instance, every floor is the same, every office/hotel room is the same for that project.

However, in your individual home or office, you may not want to be just like your neighbor! In your home or office, you may not want to see the unit, you may like the idea of a remote control, you may live in a Brownstone that has plaster walls rather than conventional sheetrock walls.

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